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Reliable Help in Cincinnati, OH for Wills, Probate Law, and More

Planning for the future? We know how hard and emotionally taxing this can be! But don't worry, because our firm is here to help! Attorney Thomas J. Kluener Attorney has years of experience working with all kinds of clients on wills, powers of attorney, health care living wills, probate matters, and much more.

No matter what you require assistance with, or what estate planning goal you would like to accomplish, we can help. Call our office today, in Cincinnati, OH for your free initial consultation.

Wills and Probate

drafting living trusts in Cincinnati, OH
Thomas J. Kluener assists clients with all aspects of creating a will, from drafting to signing. As knowing how you would like to divide your assets is important, and can have varying tax consequences, he will take the time to sit down with you to go over all of the pertinent details.

Mr. Kluener also has years of experience with probate matters. Probate law involves the distribution of an estate and the settlement of debts. It is a complicated process, and an experienced attorney can offer valuable help. To learn more about wills and probate, please call us today for more information. Or, come and see us in Cincinnati.

Powers of Attorney

Living trust plan in Cincinnati, OH
As people get older, assigning a trusted loved one with your power of attorney can be a smart decision. Our firm can make sure that the process goes smoothly, and that you understand all of the attendant risks and benefits of signing over your power of attorney.

For others, assigning a health care power of attorney may be a wise decision. Make sure that your wishes will be heard when you receive medical care, even if you cannot voice them yourself. To assign a health care power of attorney, come in and see us today in Cincinnati, or call us for more information.
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